Cosmetic Dentistry in New York

A beautiful, healthy smile not only contributes to a positive self-image, but it also helps to make a great first impression on everyone you meet. When you’re completely satisfied with the look of your smile, you’re likely to smile broadly and confidently more often.

If your teeth are stained, discolored, chipped, worn down, misshapen, a little gapped, or misaligned, you’re not alone. According to statistics, more than one-third of adults in the United States are dissatisfied with the appearance of their smiles. The good news is these days, you don’t have to be a movie star to have a vibrant and beautiful smile. Thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry, less-than-perfect teeth can be completely transformed to produce a naturally beautiful looking smile.

Let us help you bring out the best in your smile!

At the office of Manhattan Dental Associates, we offer a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art dental services and provide the highest level of personalized care. Our goal is to help every patient enjoy the benefits of an attractive smile. Whether you’re unhappy with the look of a single tooth, all your front teeth, or have unsightly gaps in your smile due to missing teeth, we can help.

cosmetic dentistry

Combining the art and science of dentistry

Even thousands of years ago, people were concerned about the health and appearance of their smiles. Viewing white teeth as a sign of wealth and beauty, the ancient Egyptians used small sticks to apply a mixture of ground pumice and wine vinegar to remove stains and whiten their teeth.

Today, we have the skills, technology, and materials to create smiles that are as beautiful as they are healthy. Thanks to developments in the field of cosmetic dentistry over the past 50 years, even the most challenging smiles can be transformed into ones that dazzle. At the office of Manhattan Dental Associates, we offer state-of-the-art treatment along with an artistic eye and keen awareness of facial aesthetics to produce cosmetically pleasing smiles and long-lasting results of care.

You can rest assured your smile is in the best of hands with us. We value patient input and listen carefully to your interests and expectations of care. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, there is no “one size fits all” solution. We recognize that every patient is unique and provide highly personalized treatments to enhance the look of your smile.

What Are Some Types Of Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Cosmetic dental procedures range from treatments that are relatively quick and non-invasive procedures to more extensive ones based on a patient’s specific needs and expectations of care.

When staining, enamel defects, minor chips, small gaps, or slight misalignment are present, conservative and minimally invasive procedures such as cosmetic dental bonding, professional strength teeth whitening, and veneers can offer effective and highly satisfying ways to improve the look of your smile. Teeth with cavities, more extensive damage, or more significant cosmetic flaws, can be restored and rebuilt to achieve attractive, durable, and long-lasting results with tooth-colored fillings and natural-looking dental crowns.

cosmetic dentistry

Rebuilding a complete and beautiful smile

At the office of Manhattan Dental Associates, we use leading-edge technology, proven methods of care, and the latest generations of dental materials to give patients the smiles they’ve always wanted!

We can also help patients with missing teeth to reestablish a complete and beautiful smile with options that range from dental bridges or dentures to dental implants. Whether an individual tooth or multiple teeth are missing, our practice offers the most advanced dental implant-based solutions to help patients create an attractive smile that looks, feels, and functions like a natural one.

Some of the most common cosmetic dental procedures we perform include the following:

  • Dental Bonding

    To repair minor defects, chips, or fractures, mask discolorations, and close small gaps between teeth; a dental bonding procedure is considered one of the most effective, economical, and quickest methods of care. A bonding procedure is typically performed with composite resins, which come in a wide array of tooth-colored shades to enhance the look of your smile blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. Bonded to the underlying tooth structure, composite resins are made of biologically safe and metal-free materials that offer excellent aesthetics, strength, and durability.

  • Tooth-Colored Fillings

    Today, it’s possible to restore a tooth with decay with cosmetically pleasing and metal-free filling materials composed of composite resin and filler particles that form a hard matrix when set. Strong and durable, these fillings bond to the remaining tooth structure as they rebuild it following the removal of any decayed or damaged portions. Best of all, with tooth-colored fillings, there’s no unsightly metal showing. Your smile looks naturally pleasing whether you’re opening your mouth or simply flashing a broad smile.

  • Teeth Whitening

    If your teeth are stained, discolored, or yellowed, you may benefit from a professional strength teeth whitening procedure from our office. A teeth-whitening procedure can quickly transform a dull, drab, discolored smile into one that’s whiter and more vibrant. Although over the counter teeth whitening systems purchased in stores or online have become popular, there are health concerns and limitations with these products. As a rule, the healthiest and most effective methods of teeth whitening are the ones managed and supervised by the dentist. At the office of Manhattan Dental Associates, we use the leading systems in care to offer a safe, quick, and effective way to lighten and brighten your smile!

  • Dental Veneers

    One of the most conservative yet highly effective and aesthetically pleasing ways to enhance the appearance of imperfect looking teeth is the fabrication of porcelain veneers. By placing customized, ultra-thin facings made of the highest grade of dental porcelain over the front of a single tooth or multiple ones, our office can transform the look of your smile.

  • Crowns

    Besides restoring the appearance and function of teeth with extensive dental decay, cracked fillings, prior root canals, or rebuilding teeth that are very worn down from grinding, a full coverage dental crown can also be used to improve the cosmetics of an imperfect tooth. A full coverage crown may be indicated for teeth that are misshapen, deeply stained, or otherwise significantly flawed.

Manhattan Dental Associates

Helping Patients Achieve Their Cosmetic Smile Goals

A successful and satisfying cosmetic treatment plan values patient input. As part of a cosmetic smile makeover consultation, your interests and concerns are discussed while your smile is carefully analyzed to determine which procedures will provide the most pleasing results of care.

Armed with a comprehensive knowledge of dental aesthetics as well as a thorough understanding of complex requirements of an optimally functional bite, the office of Manhattan Dental Associates offers the treatment required to achieve your cosmetic goals and meet your expectations of care.

As skilled providers of cosmetic dentistry, we maintain a position at the forefront of advances in technology and dental materials to deliver the highest quality of care.

While the services described above reflect many popular options in care, we can also discuss additional procedures to improve the look of your smile.

Whether you’re looking to improve one tooth or many, it’s an excellent time to consider enhancing the look of your smile! For more information on cosmetic smile makeovers and the many dental services that we provide, give the office of Manhattan Dental Associates a call today.

A beautiful smile begins today. For more information on our office or to schedule an appointment for a cosmetic smile makeover consultation, give us a call today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cosmetic dentistry?


Cosmetic dentistry offers solutions to improve the look of teeth that are stained, discolored, chipped, worn down, misshapen, a little gapped, or misaligned. It combines the art and science of dentistry to transform a less-than-perfect smile into one that looks naturally beautiful while at the same time enhancing overall facial aesthetics.

What's the quickest way to improve the look of my smile?


The great thing about cosmetic dentistry is that it offers multiple solutions to quickly improve the look of one’s smile. It all depends on your specific dental needs and cosmetic smile goals. While procedures such as teeth-whitening, tooth-colored fillings, and dental bonding typically provide dramatic improvements in just a single visit, others such as dental veneers only take a couple of visits.

What's the best way to improve the look of dull, drab, or discolored teeth?


A teeth whitening procedure as provided by our office is often the simplest, quickest, and most effective way to significantly lighten and brighten your smile.

How can dental veneers improve the look of my smile?


Porcelain veneers are capable of concealing a range of imperfections, dramatically improving the look of teeth that are misshapen, have minor chips, enamel defects, or stains. They also provide an excellent solution for closing small gaps as well as addressing other minor alignment issues. While teeth whitening procedures can effectively treat many cases of dental stains or discolorations to produce cosmetically pleasing results, darker stains, as well as specific issues involving the size, shape, and alignment of the teeth, are better addressed with porcelain veneers.

What type of cosmetic restoration is possible for a back tooth?


How a back tooth is repaired and restored depends on the extent of the cavity or damage it has sustained. In many cases, a tooth-colored filling is often sufficient to restore the form and function of a back tooth. However, when a significant amount of tooth structure is damaged, or the tooth has had a root canal, it’s often necessary to fabricate a full coverage crown. In this way, the remaining tooth structure is protected from further damage while full function and a natural- looking smile is restored.

Does a tooth that is chipped require a crown?


Whether or not a chipped or fractured tooth requires a dental crown depends on the extent of the damage. Some minor chips can be addressed with a dental bonding procedure or a veneer. When a significant amount of tooth structure is lost, rebuilding the form and function of the involved tooth may require a full coverage crown.

What the most cosmetic solution for replacing missing teeth?


While conventional dental bridges and dentures offer effective and satisfying ways to rebuild a complete and attractive smile, dental implants represent the most advanced solutions for replacing missing teeth. With dental implants, our office can replace a single tooth or multiple ones to give you a smile that feels, looks, and functions like a natural one. Dental implants behave in much the same way as the root of an actual tooth, providing stable, secure, and long-lasting results of care.

How long does a tooth whitening last?


How long your teeth whitening lasts depends on your lifestyle. Eating, drinking, and smoking habits can have a big impact on maintaining your result. Our office will inform you which food, beverages, or habits can stain your newly whitened smile. As needed, we’ll also help you maintain a white and vibrant smile with a periodic, safe, and effective touch-up whitening procedure.

How much do cosmetic dental procedures cost?


At the office of Manhattan Dental Associates, we want every patient to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful and healthy smile. We strive to make dental care affordable and accessible. Improving the look of your smile is a worthwhile investment, and we always try to optimize any dental insurance benefits to cover your work. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that cosmetic dental procedures may not be covered by your plan. You can count on our office to explain every cosmetic option available to address your needs and the fees involved. To help you begin care without any additional stress or day, we can discuss different payment options and financing plans.

Why choose the office of Manhattan Dental Associates?


Although achieving aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting results of care requires knowledge, experience, and technical proficiency, it also calls for a professional with an artistic eye and awareness of facial aesthetics. At the office of Manhattan Dental Associates, we successfully combine the art and science of dentistry to create smiles that are as beautiful as they are healthy. From performing professional teeth whitening procedures, fabricating custom dental veneers or crowns to rebuilding complete and beautiful smiles with dental implants and much more, we’re well equipped to transform less-than-perfect smiles into ones that look good and feel great.

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